Jake Cozza

Trip Development Specialist

Jake Cozza is a recent graduate of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he studied Composition. He has a varied music background. His father was an audio engineer and Jake learned the ropes of audio equipment from a young age. He grew up playing guitar, learned trumpet, trombone and French horn in band, sang tenor in choir and studied secondary piano, violin, viola and percussion at IU. Though he once desired to create music and sound effects for movies and video games, he now only pursues music as a hobby.

When he is not at work, Jake is fully immersed in foreign languages and hopes to be a translator someday. In addition to knowing Japanese and Norwegian, Jake is learning Russian and plans to learn more languages in the future. Outside of music, travel and languages, Jake enjoys cooking meals from every country around the world, exploring the great outdoors and taking on physical fitness challenges such as marathons and century rides.

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